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26 March 2015

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Calls to action

Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.

Shenzhen city in China will provide as much as 5 billion yuan ($799 million) in government funding to spur demand for green vehicles, according to an official statement released recently... continue »

A novel reconstruction concludes a crucial heat conveyor belt hasn't been this weak in 1,100 years, perhaps due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland's melting ice sheet... continue »

Here's the estimated price for restoring two declining coral species found in South Florida and the Caribbean: about $250 million. How long will it take? 400 years... continue »

Arctic sea ice has hit a record low for its maximum extent in winter, which scientists said was a result of climate change and abnormal weather patterns... continue »

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. When you use it to produce electricity, the only waste product is water. In the era of global warming, it would seem to be the perfect fuel... continue »

Climate change is a major reason the Canadian government should establish a long-sought national park in the South Okanagan region, according to Peter Wood... continue »

Often leading from behind, Boston-based nonprofit has record of prompting leading corporations to move beyond 'business as usual' on climate and sustainability issues... continue »

The world's energy-related carbon dioxide emissions stopped rising in 2014, even as the economy grew, according to early data released by the International Energy Agency... continue »

In a pivotal year for climate action, a new campaign seeks to head off efforts to caricature climate scientists by showing who they are and why they care about the planet's future... continue »

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, about his recent column detailing his personal motivation for intensifying the paper's focus on climate change coverage... continue »

A New Mexico State University researcher has invented a new material he says can effectively capture and remove carbon dioxide from the air, a critical step in slowing climate change... continue »

For the first time in 15 years, government data shows that China's annual coal consumption declined by 2.9 percent, with an accompanying 1 percent fall in carbon dioxide emissions... continue »

The industrial conglomerate run by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch is refusing to provide information on whether it has paid for climate change research... continue »

A paper published in Nature Climate Change finds we are standing on the edge of a new world where warming is poised to accelerate at rates unseen for at least 1,000 years... continue »

Five refrigerants that won't harm stratospheric ozone and have lower global warming potentials than many similar products got a green light from the Environmental Protection Agency... continue »

The alarm bells of the climate crisis have been ringing in our ears for years and are getting louder all the time, yet humanity has failed to change course. What is wrong with us... continue »

As global warming argument moves on to politics and business, the Guardian's editor-in-chief explains the thinking behind their major series on the climate crisis... continue »

Spread of new roads in developing nations is a greater danger than the dams, mines, oil well or cities they connect, as they open up untouched habitats to poachers and illegal loggers... continue »

The most remarkable aspect of Willie Soon's soiled science scandal is that in the light of damning evidence of a serious ethical lapse, the climate denial camp shows no interest in self-policing... continue »

You don't often hear "volcanic eruption" and "cooling" in the same sentence, but the dramatic eruption of the Villarica volcano in southern Chile could actually help slow global warming... continue »

Manmade global warming helped spark the brutal civil war in Syria by doubling to tripling the odds that a crippling drought in the Fertile Crescent would occur shortly before the fighting broke out... continue »

While public attention is focused on the IPCC ex-chairman's sexual harassment scandal, some of the panel's ardent supporters are asking whether the panel risks losing relevance... continue »

Over the weekend, many millions of Chinese watched, gripped and outraged, a 104-minute video that begins with a slight woman in jeans and a white blouse walking onto a stage dimly lit in blue... continue »

From the ground in this extreme northern part of Antarctica, spectacularly white and blinding ice seems to extend forever. What can't be seen is the battle raging underfoot to re-shape Earth... continue »

One of the world's most iconic sites has become the latest high profile venue to embrace onsite renewables, after the Eiffel Tower installed two vertical axis wind turbines... continue »

Sea levels in northeastern North America jumped by more than five inches in a two-year period between 2009 to 2010, a rate unprecedented in the history of tide gauge records... continue »

A new study published Monday in Nature warned fisheries producing oysters and clams across the United States will be "vulnerable" in the coming decades to ocean acidification... continue »

Willie Soon, a prominent global warming skeptic, says "no amount of money can influence what I say or do or research or write". If recently released documents are accurate, he is a liar... continue »

Politicians wanting to block legislation on climate change have bolstered their arguments by pointing to the work of a handful of scientists who claim that greenhouse gases pose little risk to humanity... continue »

Waste processing isn't the sexiest of industries, but it's crucial to combating climate change. Now governments are investing in technologies like anaerobic digestion... continue »

Video of a mother tiger and her cubs is a sign the endangered Siberian tiger could be making a comeback in China after it was largely wiped out over 65 year ago... continue »

Endowed with one-eighth of the world's fresh water, a dystopian situation is unfolding in Brazil's largest and wealthiest city, Sao Paulo: the taps are starting to run dry... continue »

Climate change, which is shuffling habitable zones for pathogen-carrying animals, is poised to make future outbreaks of infectious diseases such as Ebola, H1N1 and TB worse, and more frequent... continue »

The historic California drought is preventing rice farmers from flooding their fields and reducing the roosting grounds of Sandhill cranes, majestic gray birds with crimson crowns and wings... continue »

Failure to factor climate change into long-term investment and planning risks leaving countries across sub-Saharan vulnerable to droughts, floods, heatwaves and rising sea-levels... continue »

Rand Paul has started suggesting that he supports action to cut air pollution and believes that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change... continue »

Oil isn't the only fossil fuel that's getting cheaper. The plunge in oil prices is mirrored by the cost of coal, which has been cut in half since 2011 and is expected to keep falling... continue »

Grizzly bears are emerging from winter hibernation weeks earlier than normal because of the arrival of spring-like weather, with warmer-than-usual temperatures and rain instead of snow... continue »

Global warming means events such as the Australian Open will increasingly become tests of heat endurance for players and spectators, a study by the Climate Institute warns... continue »

UN climate talks get into gear in Geneva. With 2014 recognised as the hottest year on record, there is increasing pressure for a global climate pact to curb greenhouse gas emissions... continue »

The same loopy weather patterns directing California's ongoing drought and last year's deep freeze across the East Coast may also change how often tornadoes strike the US... continue »

When the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its 2014 rankings for state efficiency, the states at the top of the list were Massachusetts and California... continue »

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in denying humans are causing CO2 levels to rise. Following is a quick cheat sheet for aspiring climate deniers... continue »

Hearing about climate change may bring heat waves and sweltering summers to mind, but in most regions in the US, winter temperatures are also on the rise... continue »

Researchers in Germany say cheaper global pricing of greenhouse gas emissions is possible if countries are willing to implement clean technology policies at the same time... continue »

Fifty years ago this month President Johnson voiced concern over invisible fossil fuel emissions. It was the first time a US president warned the nation about our carbon habit... continue »

President Obama wants millions of acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge protected as wilderness. He's opening other parts of the Arctic and Atlantic coast to energy development... continue »

You might think that the crash in the price of oil must be dealing a potentially fatal blow to renewable power. However, things are not so straightforward. The world of energy has changed... continue »

World cities are experiencing more heat waves and fewer cold spells, according to a study of extreme temperatures in hundreds of urban areas over the past 40 years... continue »

A failed US government-backed plan to produce environmentally friendly energy in one of Africa's poorest countries was marred by insider connections and questionable planning... continue »

A climate-change skeptic who has relied on grants from fossil-fuel energy interests apparently failed to disclose financial conflicts of interest in a newly released paper... continue »

Winters may be getting shorter, but watch out when it does snow: climate change is super-charging storms like the blizzard engulfing the American northeast... continue »

After the November 2014 joint US-China announcement on climate change, all eyes turned towards India. What would India do? Would it sign a similar agreement... continue »

In a new paper researchers summarize what we now know about West Antarctica. That includes a finding that may serve as a wake-up call for Americans in particular... continue »

The US Senate has made it official: Climate change is not a hoax. By a vote of 98 to 1, the Senate agreed climate change is real, but it can't agree that it's caused by humans... continue »

Nuclear energy in China is set to lead the pack of near-zero emission energy that will help mainland reach President Xi Jinping's target for CO2 emissions to peak by 2030... continue »

By mapping a key indicator of droughts, pests and wildfire in arid places, scientists offer hope for spotting and addressing drought before it sets in... continue »

The cost of solar energy production continues to fall, the market is experiencing something of a boom. It has become cheaper to produce solar power than diesel oil, gas, coal or nuclear energy... continue »

If you've run out of gears on a steep slope, surely it makes sense to hop off the bike and push? So why is it considered the ultimate cycling heresy by many... continue »

The numbers are in. The year 2014 was the hottest on record, with global temperatures 1.24F (0.69C) higher than the 20th-century average, US government scientists said on Friday... continue »

Humans are "eating away at our own life support systems" at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years by degrading land and freshwater systems... continue »

As if there wasn't enough to worry about with climate change, a University of Missouri-Columbia researcher suggests we add more thing to our list: Intestinal worms... continue »

We've recorded our first days of 2015 with average carbon dioxide levels above 400 parts per million, potentially leading to many months in a row above this threshold... continue »

A crucial shipping route for commodities in the US, the Mississippi River faces climate-related risks that also raise important national security issues... continue »

It's a dangerous trajectory that the US is stoking with record exports of dirty fuels, even as it reduces the pollution responsible for global warming at home... continue »

London mayor Boris Johnson is risking children's health by blocking action to clean up London's poor air quality, the city's former deputy mayor has claimed... continue »

Most of the Earth's fossil fuels will have to be left in the ground if the world is to avoid catastrophic global warming, according to a new study published in the Nature... continue »

Ski resorts in the Canadian Rockies are increasingly adopting sustainable practices not only to improve their environmental footprint, but also to reduce their overall... continue »

New Zealand's two big glaciers are now only accessible to tourists by air and their retreat has been highlighted over the way global warming is impacting on ice and snow businesses... continue »

2014 was the UK's warmest year on record. Provisional figures for the whole year reveal that it was the hottest for the UK in records dating back to 1910... continue »

From a strictly logical perspective, it's hard to understand how we can be doing so little to slow global warming. Time is running out on climate denial... continue »

Properties worth over £1bn will be lost to coastal erosion in England and Wales over the next century, with no compensation for homeowners, as it becomes too costly to protect them... continue »

Dissenting voices

Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it poses a serious threat, or that the vagaries of earths climate are within human control.

A new study demonstrates that nature itself is fully capable of bringing to pass what the world's climate alarmists say they want to achieve through a host of global regulatory actions... continue »

Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf claim the Gulf Stream is slowing due to Greenland ice melt, except reality says otherwise. It looks to be of the caliber of Mann's Hockey Schtick science... continue »

Climate change isn't caused by man, there's been no significant warming for nearly two decades, and, even if there had been, it would probably be a good thing... continue »

This March has been unusually quiet, with no tornado or severe thunderstorm watches issued by NOAA's Storm Prediction Center. It sees no sign of dramatic change for the next week... continue »

Weather extremes don't have any detectable negative effects on four different groups of organisms, according to a study based on data acquired over the last 20 years... continue »

Warming over and around Belarus since 1949 has led to a decrease of spring streamflow and a reduction in the number of extreme spring floods... continue »

The paradigm is collapsing due to the fact that the climate appears to be far less sensitive to changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations than the so-called scientific consensus had assumed... continue »

Before an audience at the annual tech-fest known as SXSW, former Vice President Al Gore said: "We have this denial industry cranked up constantly"... continue »

The headlong charge to make the UK a low-carbon economy is reflected in the desperation of both the current Lib-Con coalition government and the Labour opposition... continue »

Bad news for climate alarmists, there have been no significant deleterious increases or decreases in streamflow trends over the period from 1951 to 2009... continue »

In their desperation to prove the "science" is on their side, climate scientists have adjusted past temperature data down so that the more recent temperature readings form a warming trend... continue »

Doug Sisterson, senior manager at the Argonne National Laboratory, thinks climate alarmists need to ditch the positive mental attitude when communicating about climate... continue »

All "green renewable" energy mandates implemented in pursuit of "social justice" or the progressive "war on carbon" cost more, from groceries, to grid, to gas tank... continue »

It has been awhile since we've heard anything about the progress of the lawsuit, and so given the current toxic witch-hunt against climate skeptics, perhaps it's time to review again... continue »

Skeptical Climate Statistics professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter said that, "Being conflated with critics of evolution and vaccines got under my skin"... continue »

"These guys think saying climate changes, saying it gets warmer or colder by a few tenths of a degree should be taken as evidence that the end of the world is coming", says Dr. Richard Lindzen... continue »

"Global warming" has always been little more than a smokescreen for worldwide wealth redistribution overseen by bureaucrats at the US. Nobody on the Left is really talking about it.... continue »

A new government report is creating shock in the Australian climate fraternity, claiming that current global temperature might not be the ultimate climatic optimum we all thought it was... continue »

Advocates of the global warming and climate change hoaxes know that the public no longer believes that the former is occurring or that the latter represents an immediate, global threat... continue »

Many things are said to be threatened by climate change. Few, if any, have actually witnessed a deleterious impact, save perhaps the most important of all: integrity... continue »

After years of claiming the science is settled and unprecedented man-made catastrophes are occurring right now, Climate Crisis, Inc. is increasingly desperate... continue »

As the Earth transited from the bitter cold of the Little Ice Age to the welcome warmth of the Current Warm Period, storminess declined significantly... continue »

After two stints as pope of IPCC Rajendra "Patchy" Pachauri has seized the opportunity of a pause in global warming to announce, first, his resignation and, second, his undying faith in the cause... continue »

The GWPF has warned policymakers and the public that the leadership of the IPCC has been losing its scientific objectivity and has been adopting environmentalism as a missionary cause... continue »

More bad news for warmists: Europe's proposed new climate goals could be weaker than previously announced due to its method of accounting for changes in land use... continue »

They were there at the start, when the study of climate was in its infancy, but today the names of meterologists such as Hubert Lamb are seldom mentioned... continue »

The media are too heavily invested in the global warming scam to ever admit that they had been played by politicians and "scientists" for decades... continue »

Official surface temperature records have been systematically cooked to indicate that Earth has recently been overheating just as alarmists, including some at NASA, wish us to believe... continue »

The Environmental Protection Agency is currently engaged in trying to further regulate ozone for no apparent reason other than its incessant attack on the economy... continue »

From the this sounds familiar department...comes this hot, steamy, but not climatic turn of events, along with the near immediate disappearance of the story down the memory hole... continue »

Most of us aren't "climate scientists", who have once again granted themselves permission to assemble a cavalcade of conjecture and omission and parade it as "evidence"... continue »

The scientific community has told the tale that human activity is dangerously overheating the planet. Yet, the American people are not buying it, as evidenced by a Pew Research Center survey... continue »

Are global warming skeptics simply ignorant about climate science? Not so, says Dan Kahan who finds that skeptics score about the same (in fact slightly better) on climate science questions... continue »

Most people have no idea about the geography of the Poles and assume they are climatically the same. But it is important in understanding the significance for global climate... continue »

There's an increasing body of evidence which suggests climate researchers are "adjusting" terrestrial temperature data to cool the past and warm the present... continue »

A new study of how environmental reporters cover global warming and climate change reveals that they no longer include critics in their reports because they are generally irrelevant... continue »

The record-shattering snow that has shut down Boston's public transit system threatens to white out a global warming forum organized by Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg... continue »

As sceptics have noted, the BoM's "homogenised" figures show an insistent tendency to affirm that temperatures are soaring and the world is going to hell in a hand-basket... continue »

The IPCC let the public believe they are examining the entire climate system. From a climate mechanism perspective, they only look at one or two very minor components... continue »

Recent graffiti in Bidwell Park in California was at the hands of students from a Chico charter school as part of a lesson on civic engagement and activism... continue »

Dr. Judith Curry delivered a powerful statement recently, saying that the IPCC does not have a convincing explanation for the recent halt in warming... continue »

Climate horror stories will not die. Pikas are another species that have been repeatedly targeted by advocates of CO2 warming as an icon of impending climate doom... continue »

A group of leading climate researchers has identified a fatal flaw in the climate models that leads them to produce triple the global warming predicted from doubling the CO2 in the air... continue »

With public concern about climate waning, the EPA turned its anti-fossil messaging campaign to fear-mongering about child health impacts. The EPA will do ANYTHING to increase its power... continue »

EPA proposed to drastically tighten its standard for atmospheric ozone which would raise energy prices, kill jobs and provide little or no benefit to the environment... continue »

Jeffrey Kluger, a senior writer at Time Magazine, writes what might possibly be the stupidest article about climate ever: climate change causes volcanoes... continue »

Why can't the global-warming catastrophe industry convince the public that the scare underwriting its meal ticket is real? A CSIRO survey showed that 53% of Australians reject the official story... continue »

Climate doomsayers argue that we have shifted aspects of the climate (temperature, hurricanes, etc.) from "normal" without us even having enough historical perspective to say what "normal" is... continue »

Unless you live on the moon you've probably heard lots of feverish hype attributed to NASA about 2014 being the "hottest year" ever. The highly publicized claim is bogus... continue »

The proverb that "they can't see the forest for the trees" means, they are so consumed with detail, they don't understand the larger situation. This is true of climatology in particular... continue »

The warming scare has been driven by a cabal of politicians and environmentalists using erroneous climate model warming predictions to brainwash an uninformed global public... continue »

Get ready for a year of climate change hysteria designed to make you poorer while it will do nothing to lower industrial CO2 emissions linked to man-made global warming... continue »

Ocean global warming is not actually global at all. Alarmists are having a grand time trying to scare their readers with their chicken-little end-is-near proclamations... continue »

Polar bear researchers lately seem to have forgotten that the most crucial part of their job is the unbiased collection and presentation of scientific data... continue »

2014 is the most dishonest year on record. The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 percent sure this was true... continue »

On January 16, The New York Times reported the lies NASA keeps telling about global warming with an article titled, "2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics"... continue »

It was widely reported that 2014 was the hottest year since records began in 1880. However, the recent hiatus in warming might be significant or it might not ... continue »

The overselling of calamities in environmental sciences has reached unseemly proportions ... so much so in one field that in 2014 a team of researchers exposed the problems in a journal article ... continue »

Students deserve to learn from all the facts and are smart enough to weigh alternative explanations. However, climate radicals are bullying West Virginia School Board ... continue »

The NOAA Arctic radar map shows the Arctic Ice Cap at more than 4,000,000 square miles, larger than on any December 28 in the past five years... continue »

The carbon dioxide obsessed are patiently awaiting the GISS and NCDC global surface temperature data for December 2014 and for the calendar year... continue »

The Obama Administration, through the corrupted Environmental Protection Agency, promised to kill the US coal industry and they are already far along toward their goal... continue »

Global warming campaigners are trying to claim that 2014 was the "hottest ever". This is absurd. There was not very much warming during the second half of the 20th century and none since then... continue »

It would be useful to again outline the basic reasons why different satellite global temperature datasets (say, UAH and RSS) produce somewhat different temperature trends... continue »

In a thinly disguised assault on coal and hydrocarbons, the government would have us believe that CO2 is a threat to life itself. In fact, the benefits of CO2 to all of us are far greater than its costs... continue »

The North and South Poles are "not melting". The poles are "much more stable" than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously thought... continue »

Should the world's most powerful information corporation be prejudiced against those who dare question the facts in the global warming campaign's press releases... continue »

While government science and media begin the ramp-up to claim 2014 as the "hottest year ever", China's Sea's biggest bivalve shows that the Middle Ages were warmer than today... continue »

Pope Francis has decided to make fighting global warming an important papal cause in 2015. The Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences may be behind the pope's rising interest... continue »

The climate alarmists 15 or so years ago were forecasting catastrophic events by this time. Yet sea levels have not been rising any faster than they have been for centuries... continue »